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Insertion force testing machine

Short Description:

Insertion force testing machine (computer servo control) is suitable for pin headers, female headers, simple horns, long-eared horns, crimping heads, WAFER, round hole IC holders and USB cables, HDMI high-definition cables, Display cables, DVI cables , VGA cable and other computer peripheral cables, plug-in and pull-out force and plug-in life tests of various connectors. Using the dynamic impedance test system, you can test the dynamic impedance and draw the “load-stroke-impedance curve” while testing the insertion and extraction force. The Chinese version of the WINDOWS system, the software (Simplified Chinese/English), and all data can be stored in the test conditions , plug-in stroke curve, life curve, inspection report, etc.

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Features of insertion and extraction force testing machine:

Electronic connector insertion and extraction force testing machine

1. The test conditions of the insertion and extraction force testing machine can be set by the computer and can be stored. Check settings from the drop-down menu and directly input data to save and print graphics (load-stroke curve, load attenuation life curve, waveform overlay, inspection report);

2. Measurement items: maximum load value, peak value, valley value, load value of stroke, stroke value of load, insertion point resistance value, resistance of load or stroke

3. The overload protection function of the load cell ensures that the load cell will not be damaged. Automatic load zero point detection, and the origin can be set to detect the load value. At the same time, the load-stroke curve and life curve are displayed, and the curve selection and comparison function is provided. The load unit display N, lb, gf, and kgf can be freely switched and can be matched with several load units at the same time;

4. Self-integrated micro-ohm test module, no need to purchase another micro-ohm tester to measure milliohm resistance value;

5. The header content of the inspection report can be modified at any time (in both Chinese and English);

6. Inspection reports can be transferred to EXCEL for editing. Curve chart reports and text reports can have headers and LOGO specified by the customer;

7. It adopts high rigidity structure design and servo motor to ensure accuracy under long-term use. It is suitable for general tension, compression testing, and insertion and extraction force life tests;

8, stop when exceeding the specification value. (During the life test, the machine automatically stops when the test data exceeds the set upper and lower limit specifications).

Specifications: (can be designed and customized according to user product size)

Model KS-1200
Test station 1
Test force value 2, 5, 20, 50kg (can be selected according to customer needs)
Driving horse Servo Horse
Transmission structure Ball screw rod
X, Y axis travel 0~75mm (adjustable)
Test speed 0~300mm/min (adjustable)
Large test height 150mm
Working size 400X300X1050mm
Weight 65kg
power supply AC220V, 50HZ

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