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IP3.4 rain test chamber

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1. Advanced factory, leading technology

2. Reliability and applicability

3. Environmental protection and energy saving

4. Humanization and automated system network management

5. Timely and perfect after-sales service system with long-term guarantee.

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 IPX34 box type rain testing machine

It is suitable for electrical and electronic products that may be subject to flooding during transportation, storage or use. The water comes from heavy rain, wind and heavy rain, sprinkler systems, wheel splashes, flushing or violent waves. This product adopts scientific design so that the equipment can Realistically simulate various environments such as dripping water, spraying water, splashing water, spraying water, etc. With the adoption of a comprehensive control system and frequency conversion technology, the rotation angle of the rainfall test rack, the swing angle of the water spray pendulum and the swing frequency of the water spray volume can be automatically adjusted.


IPX34 swing bar rain testing machine

1. GB4208-2008 Shell protection level

2. GB10485-2006 Environmental durability of road vehicle exterior lighting and light signaling devices

3. GB4942-2006 Protection grade classification of the overall structure of rotating electrical machines

4. GB/T 2423.38 Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products

5. GB/T 2424.23 Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products Water testing guidelines

IP3.4 rain test chamber

Auxiliary Structure

Product name

IP34 rain test chamber



Nominal internal volume


Inner box size

D 1000×W 1000×H 1000mm

Overall dimensions

D 1200×W 1500×H 1950 (subject to actual size)

Test bench rotation (rpm)

1~3 adjustable

Turntable diameter (mm)


Swing tube radius (mm)


Carrying KG


Water spray ring radius


Water spray pipe swing angle range

120°320° (can be set)

Water spray hole diameter (mm)


Flow rate of each water spray hole

0.07 L/min +5%

Water spray pressure (Kpa)


Swing tube swing: maximum


Water spray pipe swing speed

IP3 15 times/min; IP4 5 times/min

The distance between the test sample and the test equipment


Water source and consumption

8 liters/day of purified water or distilled water


Independently developed PLC touch screen controller

Spray system

18 sprinkler heads

Inner box material

SUS304# stainless mirror matte steel plate

Electrical controller

LCD touch key controller

Test time

999S adjustable

Speed control

Using variable frequency speed regulator or stepper motor, the speed is stable and the control accuracy is high

Pressure gauge

Dial-type pressure gauge displays the pressure of each single column test level

Flow meter

Digital water flow meter, showing the flow rate of each single column test level

Flow pressure control

Manual valve is used to control flow and pressure, digital flow meter indicates flow, and stainless steel case spring-type pressure gauge indicates pressure.

Preset test time

0S~99H59M59S, adjustable at will

Usage environment

1. Ambient temperature: RT~50℃ (average temperature within 24H ≤28℃

2. Ambient humidity: ≤85%RH

3. Power supply: AC220V three-phase four-wire + protective ground wire, the ground resistance of the protective ground wire is less than 4Ω; the user is required to configure an air or power switch of corresponding capacity for the equipment at the installation site, and this switch must be independent and dedicated for the use of this equipment

4. Power: about 6KW

5. Outer box material: SUS202# stainless steel plate or cold-rolled plate sprayed with plastic

6. Protection system: leakage, short circuit, water shortage, motor overheating protection

Structure and features

This rain test chamber is made of high-quality materials and processed using the most advanced processing equipment in the country. The surface of the casing is sprayed with plastic to make it beautiful and smooth. Coordinated color matching, arc-shaped design, smooth and natural lines. The inner tank is made of imported high-quality stainless steel plates. The indoor sample racks and other accessories are made of stainless steel or copper, with reasonable design and durability. On the premise that the equipment complies with national standards and has stable performance in all aspects, it is more practical and easy to control.

Rain test chamber circuit control and protection system

1. This equipment uses imported frequency converters to control the speed, effectively ensuring that the test runs according to standards;

2. Independent control systems for the swing tube, rotating tube and turntable;

3. Time setting controls several independent systems respectively;

4. Imported executive components;

5. Equipped with water filter;

6. No fuse protection switch;

7. Overload, leakage, fully sheathed terminal blocks;

8. With protection such as automatic shutdown;

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