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The product quality and service produced are deeply loved by customers and friends

Dongguan Kexun Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the research, development, design, and production of environmental testing machines. With extensive experience and collaborations with renowned domestic and international companies, we have successfully exported our products to numerous countries and regions worldwide. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products and exceptional service has earned us the trust and appreciation of our valued customers and partners.The product quality and service provided are highly appreciated by our customers and friends. Currently, the company is expanding its operations and possesses a range of top-quality stainless steel metal products. We also specialize in reliability testing technology for rubber and plastic products, electronic products, and more. Our testing services include quality assessments such as tensile, compression, bending, cutting, peeling, and puncture tests.In addition to manufacturing environmental testing machines, we also produce test boxes for high and low temperature testing, high and low temperature humidity and heat cycle testing, constant temperature and humidity testing, and cold and heat shock testing. Our company also processes, produces, and sells salt spray test machines, rain test chambers, and climate test chambers. Each product has its own specifications, dimensions, performance test requirements, and materials. The distinguishing feature of our company is that we customize equipment according to the specific needs of our customers, while providing the most favorable prices and services. We look forward to providing you with quality products and excellent service.

The products are applicable to a wide range of industries including hardware, jewelry, metal, electronics, shoemaking, leather, paper, printing, 3C packaging, transportation, rubber, tires, plastics, dyeing and finishing, wire and cable toys, tape, furniture, building materials, petrochemicals, aviation, and others. They are extensively used in various fields such as scientific research institutions, quality inspection agencies, large and medium-sized colleges and universities.The company has a complete management system and R&D team, researching science and technology to win opportunities, and continuously enhancing precision hardware, molds, and key components.Products such as components and electromechanical integration modules offer technical advantages, good quality, and excellent after-sales service. Additionally, the head office actively promotes cross-field technology integration to expand business in various fields, including precision optics, environmental protection equipment, 3D stereo display, automation equipment, industrial measurement, and semiconductor equipment.The company is actively establishing a green enterprise focused on “energy saving, emission reduction, greening, recycling”. It adheres to international environmental protection standards and is independently developing energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. The company’s sustainable development is driven by its standardized and professional quality policy.

Kexun aims to establish a professional R&D network across Asia, the United States, and Europe, as well as a robust innovation mechanism and intellectual property management platform to serve the public.The development of the company has established the groundwork for becoming a global leader among domestic enterprises. Since its establishment, the company has consistently prioritized quality, centered around exquisite appearance design, and maintained a serious and pragmatic work ethic to provide better service to customers’ households, thereby earning a commendable reputation.We will always adhere to the principle of “integrity management”, with “quality first” as our top priority and “service first” as our purpose. We will utilize the best design products, new ideas, and technologies to ensure excellent quality, reasonable prices, and a complete service network. Our goal is to provide our new and loyal customers with the most professional and efficient service possible.

Post time: Jul-18-2023