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Paper electric mercury-free smoothness tester

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1、Advanced factory, leading technology

2、Reliability and applicability

3、Environmental protection and energy saving

4、Humanization and automated system network management

5、Timely and perfect after-sales service system with long-term guarantee.

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01.Tailor-made sales and management model to maximize customer benefits!                  

Professional technical team, according to your company's specific situation, for you to customize your sales and management mode to maximize the benefits to customers.

02.10 years of experience in R & D and production of testing instruments brand trustworthy!

10 years focus on the development and production of environmental instruments, access to the national quality, service reputation AAA enterprise, China's market recognized brand-name products, China's battalion of famous brands and so on.

03.Patent! Access to dozens of national patent technology!

04.Introduction of advanced production equipment Quality assurance through international certification.

Introducing advanced production equipment and scientific management to ensure product quality. Passed ISO9001:2015 international quality standard system certification. The finished product rate is controlled above 98%.

05.Perfect after-sales service system to provide you with professional technical support!

Professional after-sales service team, 24 hours congratulations on your call. Timely for you to solve the problem.

Free product warranty of 12 months, lifelong equipment maintenance.

Product Description

Paper electric mercury-free smoothness tester 

Paper electric mercury-free smoothness tester product uses:

The technical requirements and detection methods of the paper smoothness tester (mercury-free) comply with the international standards ISO5627 "Determination

of smoothness of paper and paperboard (Buick method)", QB/T1665 "Paper and paperboard smoothness tester" and other standards, it is an essential instrument for testing various high-smooth papers.

This smoothness meter is used for testing highly smooth paper and cardboard. It should not be used to test materials with a thickness above 0.5mm or paper or cardboard with high air permeability, because the amount of air passing through the sample can cause unrealistic results.

Product features

The instrument uses a high-precision vacuum sensor to measure the vacuum degree of the vacuum container, thus replacing the mercury manometer. Therefore, this instrument is a mercury-free smoothness meter. It uses imported vacuum mercury to extract vacuum from the vacuum container, which can achieve a very short time. It reaches the required vacuum degree and is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer; it also has powerful data processing functions: not only can the smoothness value of a single sample be measured and automatically stored, but also the experimental data of multiple samples in the same group can be counted.

The value, Z minimum value, average value, standard deviation and coefficient of variation of the same group of samples can be obtained. These data are stored in the data memory and can be displayed through the digital tube; in addition,the instrument also has a printing function.

Main technical indicators: 

△Timer timing range: 1~9999.995,10~99999.9s

△Vacuum system volume:×1,380±1mL×10,38±1mL

△ Effective test area: 10±0.05cm?

△ Pressure on the sample: 100±2kPa

△ Test working area: 50.66 kPa-48.00 kPa

△ Sealing performance: When the vacuum pressure is 50.66 kPa, and the large volume is within 60 minutes or the small volume is within 6 minutes, the reduction in vacuum degree should be less than 3kPa

△ Rubber pad: Thickness: 4±0.2mm Parallelism: 0.05mm Diameter: not less than 45mm

Recovery elasticity: at least 62% Hardness: 45±IRHD (International Rubber Hardness)

△Power supply 220V±10% 50Hz Power: 100W middle

4 Dimensions: 440×340×460 (mm) Weight: 34kg

The technical requirements and detection methods of the paper smoothness tester (mercury-free) (hereinafter referred to as the smoothness tester) comply with the international standard ISO5627 "Smoothness of Paper and Boardboard"Determination (Buick Method)", QB/T1665 "Paper and Board Smoothness Tester" and other standards requirements and regulations, is a necessary instrument for testing various high-smooth papers device.

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