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Tape retention testing machine

Short Description:

The tape retention testing machine is suitable for testing the tackiness of various tapes, adhesives, medical tapes, sealing tapes, labels, protective films, plasters, wallpapers and other products. The amount of displacement or sample removal after a certain period of time is used. The time required for complete detachment is used to demonstrate the ability of the adhesive sample to resist pull-off. By utilizing tape retention testing machines, manufacturers can ensure that their adhesive tapes meet the necessary quality and performance standards, resulting in reliable and effective tape products for various applications.

Product Detail

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Tape retention testing machine

This test machine use micro controller for timing, the timing is more accurate and the error is smaller. And it can timing super long time, up to 9999 hours. What’s more, It has features imported proximity switch, wear-resistant and smash-resistant, high sensitivity and longer service life.And LCD display mode, display time more clearly. PVC operation panel and membrane buttons make operation more convenient. 

Technical Parameter

Tape retention testing machine



Standard pressure roller 2000g±50g
Weight 1000±10g (including the weight of the loading plate)
Test plate 75 (L) mm × 50 (B) mm × 1.7 (D) mm
Timing range 0~9999h
Number of workstations 6/10/20/30/can be customized
Overall dimensions 10 stations 9500mm×180mm×540mm
Weight About 48kg
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Standard configuration Main machine, Standard pressure roller, Test board, Power cord, Fusetest plate, Pressure roller

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